Have you tried the Pomodoro Technique yet?

Part of the top work place distractions is multi tasking or deciding to take on a lot of tasks – more than one can handle. Let’s face it, being too eager to take on more than what you can actually do can keep you from focusing on one task and being successful at it.

If you are willing to give up on excessive multitasking, here are some tips on how you can avoid it and just work on a single task to market your business online.

What is the Pomodoro technique and how will it keep you from multi tasking?

A few years ago, several health experts have conducted a study on people or subjects to prove that multi tasking affects people’s brain and  brain  activity  in  a  very  bad  way.  This  is  why  the  Pomodoro  Technique was developed: to help people focus more on doing one thing and at the same time produce top class work in the end.

The concept of this technique is pretty simple, with only a few steps to  do  and  observe  to  make  this  work  for  you  or  for  anyone  who  would like to get things done, one job at a time.

As a matter of fact,there are 5 easy steps to complete that’s included in the Pomodoro technique…

1 Select

Being by choosing  the  task  that  you  really  want  to  accomplish. You can do so by listing down all the tasks that you need done for the week and identify which one is of greater importance. The rest of the tasks should be saved for another time or day.

2 Start the clock

Using your phone or a stop watch, set the timer for 25  minutes and then begin your task. Focus on accomplishing as much as you can for twenty five minutes; until the alarm goes off.

3 Break

After your 25 minutes are up, make sure to take a break for about  five  (5)  minutes.  Taking  breaks  in  between  work  can  refresh  your mind and keep your focus and concentration going for many hours. Aside from this, you will not easily feel burnt out.

4 Cycle

Make sure to repeat steps one until three for as much or as often  as  four  cycles.  Scheduling  your  tasks  will  work  perfectly,  especially if your task is a bit draining or heavy.

5 Complete

Continue  to  work  on  the  process  for  4  times  or  until  your  work is done. Rest for 25 minutes and you may begin another cycle on another type of task.

That’s it. It really is that simple. And the great news is that when I tried  using  the  technique for writing and working in my office, I found it really helped me achieve more. It stopped me distracted by outside factors. It’s easy to put into practice and the more you use it, the firmer a habit it becomes. If you are feeling swamped with work, this technique will help you manage your time, keep you moving ahead and soon it will become a habit.