How To Do More a nutshell…

After a lifetime of study, research, trial and error, observation, failure and success with different productivity sytsems, I’ve come to realise that powering through life, getting things that matter done, consists of taking seven steps and making them ongoing habits you incorporate into your daily living, so they become second nature.


Mankind has evolved, and continues to do so. You must make life long learning the foundation of your plan.


People that put some thought into their schedule, workflow, workspace and routine get big results back. The haphazard approach fails every time.


It’s easy to lose control over time and over run. Some people really struggle with this one, yet allocating time effectively is a keynote to success.


Stress is part of life – it can’t be avoided, so you must be able to deal with it or you will burn out.


Creativity will get you anywhere. Doing things in a new and better way will transform you life.

So creativity is vital if you are to make significant change.


Success usually boils down to the decisions we make. Some people make terrible ones and others are incapable of making any.. Cooling thinking under pressure will bring you success.


When you can go ahead and take the necessary action, you will be be able to make things  you want happen.

20 Ways To Save More Time

Pick the actions on this list you think will help you, and to it today….

1. Listen actively in every discussion.

2. Train yourself to go down your to do list without skipping the difficult items.

3. Persist when you sense that you have a winner.

4. Concentrate on one thing at a time.

5. Stop nonproductive activities as soon as possible.

6. Start with the most profitable parts of the project and cut down on the rest if possible.

7. Always work from the 80%/20% rule.

8. Have confidence in your judgment about priorities and stick to them in difficult times.

9. Concentrate on the most important things first.

10. Scan the media looking for ideas you can build on.

11. Work smarter not harder.

12. Give yourself rewards when you’ve done important or difficult things

13. Keep long-term goals in mind.

14. Put up signs reminding you of your goals.

15. Revise your lifetime goals once a month.

16. Be on the lookout for new techniques to help you save time.

17. Don’t feel guilty about what you haven’t done.

18. Don’t regret your failures.

19. Build on your successes.

20. Cultivate the attitude of optimism.

Copy These Five Ideas To Boost Your Productivity

1 –  Treat every job you face as fun, an opportunity to excel and not as a burden. If you keep complaining about your work, you will not be able to focus, and eventually you will give up and the rest of the work for others to finish. Be positive.

2 – Meditate! This helps you concentrate on things more and develop  a  calmer  approach  when  it  comes  to  dealing  with  a  difficult task. This will improve your concentration “muscles” and will replenish your mind with the right attitude and drive to work harder.

3 – Breathe  before  your  start  your  work.  Breathe  calmly  and properly  – this will encourage your mind to relax and take  things one stride at a time. If you come to think of it, breathing becomes forceful, shallow and fast if you feel rushed and if you lack concentration.

4 – Create a normal and steady flow of things. This means that you  need  to  plan  and  follow  your  plans  by  the  book.  This  will  keep you from stirring away from what you need to do, thus making your work effectively and efficiently.

5 – Get plenty of sleep. If your body is well rested, so will your mind be. A well rested mind and body leads to a better attitude towards  work.  Lack  of  sleep  can  make  you  impatient  and  in  a  hurry to finish things which will lead to poor quality of work.

How To Connect For Success

How To Connect For Success

Life is hard enough on one’s own. I strongly recommend that you find a few like-minded individuals such that you can share your goals and support each other.

In essence, you are creating a mastermind. A group of people whose goal is to help each other succeed and see things they might have otherwise missed.

Side note: This is a great use of UPSIDE leverage.


Magic Success Means Staying The Course

Magic Success Means Staying The Course

After taking action, this is probably the biggest key to success!

It’s hard enough to take action, but if you give up quickly, you will never know the success that lives “just around the bend.”

I don’t really know how to teach you persistence except to tell you that it is absolutely crucial! Everyone will experience challenging times… times that make you doubt yourself and your plan.

If you want to succeed you must be pig-headed! You must persevere in spite of your self-doubt and the negativity poured on by others.